Involved In An Automobile Accident? What Should You Do?

If you’re involved in an automobile accident, taking the following steps can protect your health and legal rights:

  1. Check for Injuries: Immediately check yourself and others for injuries. Call 911 if anyone needs medical attention.
  2. Ensure Safety: Move to a safe location if possible without endangering yourself or others.
  3. Call the Police: It’s important to have an official report for insurance and legal purposes.
  4. Exchange Information: Get the names, contact information, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information from all drivers involved.
  5. Document the Scene: Take photos of the accident scene, including all vehicles involved, any visible damages, and relevant road conditions or signs.
  6. Seek Medical Attention: Even if you feel fine, some injuries may not be immediately apparent. A medical professional can assess your condition.
  7. Contact Your Insurance: Inform your insurance company about the accident, but be cautious when discussing fault until you speak with an attorney.
  8. Consult an Attorney: Before accepting any settlement offers, it’s wise to consult with a legal expert, like Paul Knopf Bigger Trial Lawyers, who specializes in automobile accidents. They can provide guidance on protecting your rights and maximizing your compensation.

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