what do I do if I was hit by a drunk driver?

Drunk driving is a serious offense that poses significant risks to everyone on the road. In Florida, the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI) are severe, reflecting the state’s commitment to minimizing alcohol-related crashes. If a drunk driver has hit you, understanding your legal options is crucial. The attorneys at Paul | Knopf | […]

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Safeguarding Against the Unseen: The Importance of UM Coverage in Florida In the sunny state of Florida, where the breeze carries the promise of adventure, an often-overlooked aspect of driving lurks in the shadows—the startling prevalence of uninsured drivers. With Florida ranking fifth in the nation for uninsured motorists, the risk of encountering one on […]

what is medpay

Unlocking the Benefits of MedPay in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide In Florida’s complex auto insurance landscape, understanding the nuances of available coverages can significantly impact your financial protection in the event of a car accident. Among these, Medical Payment Coverage, or MedPay, stands out as a critical component for comprehensive medical protection. MedPay Explained: Bridging […]

PIP Florida

Mastering Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Florida: A Vital Guide for Motorists In the realm of auto insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) emerges as a cornerstone of financial safety for drivers in Florida. This essential coverage, mandated by law, ensures that motorists have a fundamental layer of protection in the event of an auto accident. […]