Volkswagen Electrical Vehicle Recall

Volkswagen’s Recall: A Products Liability Perspective Volkswagen is under scrutiny in the latest developments concerning product safety and consumer protection due to a critical safety issue. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated a recall query into approximately 51,500 Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicles (EVs). The investigation follows numerous reports of vehicle doors unexpectedly opening […]

Ford Recall After Vehicles Suddenly Going Into Neutral

Ford Recalls Vehicles Due to ‘Forced Neutral’ Recently, Ford issued a recall that underscores the importance of product liability law in protecting consumers. The recall involves certain hybrid vehicles that may unexpectedly shift into neutral while driving, creating potential hazards on the road. This recall, affecting specific models of the Ford Maverick, Ford Escape, and […]

Ford Bronco Recall Due to Fuel Fires

Addressing Defective Fuel Systems: the Ford Bronco Recall At Paul | Knopf | Bigger, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers remains our paramount concern, particularly concerning defective auto fuel systems. Recent events surrounding the Ford Bronco recall due to fire hazards emphasize the critical need for accountability and proactive measures within the automotive industry. […]

Ford & Hyundai : A Quarter Million Vehicles Recalled

Recalls and Manufacturer Liability: Ensuring Vehicle Safety In recent weeks, the automotive industry has witnessed several recalls issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), highlighting the importance of vehicle safety and manufacturer accountability. The attorneys at Paul | Knopf | Bigger aim to explore the recent recalls announced by NHTSA and their implications […]

us investigation into tesla autopilot recall - autopilot and self driving car accidents in florida

Self-Driving Car Accidents in Florida: Understanding Legal Implications The Rise of Self-Driving Cars and Safety The emergence of self-driving cars promises to revolutionize transportation, with millions of these vehicles expected to populate roads across Florida and the United States. While advancements in autonomous technology offer convenience and efficiency, they also present new challenges, particularly concerning […]

Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Attorneys Address Sudden Acceleration Risk

Addressing Sudden Acceleration Risks: Tesla Cybertruck Recall Cybertruck Recall: Prioritizing Safety in the Automotive Industry In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology, the safety of drivers and passengers remains paramount. However, recent events have underscored the importance of vigilance in identifying and addressing potential risks. The Cybertruck recall included 3,878 Tesla vehicles due to a […]

The Ford recall is attributed to failures in the vehicles' body and power train control modules to detect a "sudden degradation" in the cars' 12-volt battery charge.

Ford Recall Due to Power Failure – Product Liability Implications Recently, Ford Motor issued a recall affecting 456,565 Bronco Sport SUVs and Maverick pickup trucks due to potential power failures. As part of the Ford recall, the vehicles may fail to detect a low battery charge, leading to engine and electrical power loss while driving. […]