Florida Defective Side Airbag Attorneys

Have you or a family member been injured in an accident caused by a defective side airbag? Defective side airbags can cause devastating injuries, whether they go off prematurely, go off incorrectly, or fail to go off at all. When an accident occurs that leaves a loved one with medical debts, lost wages, or pain and suffering, a personal injury lawyer is the person to see. Personal injury lawyers aid in quantifying your or your loved one’s injuries so that you can be made financially whole. Personal injury attorneys can also help you determine who was liable for your injuries, reducing the chances that another individual will be subjected to similar injuries in the future.

Common Types of Defective Side Airbag Injury

Side airbags are designed to cushion a driver or passenger from the impact of an accident. Because they need to deploy quickly, within a matter of less than 50 milliseconds, they can also cause injuries themselves. Here are a few of the most common injuries caused by defective side airbags.

  • Failure to deploy. A side airbag can potentially fail to deploy completely — and in a serious accident, this can cause significant injuries.
  • Early deployment. If the sensors are malfunctioning within a side airbag, they can deploy for no reason. Side airbags themselves can cause injuries when this occurs.
  • Ineffective deployment. An airbag can deploy and then fail to inflate or inflate improperly. If under too little pressure, the airbag may not provide any cushion. If under too much pressure, the airbag could cause additional injury on top of the accident itself.

Monetary Compensation for Defective Side Airbags

  • One of the roles of a personal injury attorney is to make sure that an individual is compensated for all of their issues related to an accident or injury. There may be financial problems related to an accident that an individual injured may not initially realize. Here are a few of the costs that a personal injury attorney will often pursue compensation for.
  • Medical expenses. Physical injuries caused in a car accident (especially related to the neck and back) may incur expenses for the rest of an individual’s life. Consequently, medical expenses need to be acquired not only for the current medical bills but also all future medical bills. Medical expenses need to be thoroughly documented; an attorney can give more information about the documentation process and what is necessary for it.
  • Lost wages. When injured, many people cannot make it to work or may need to reduce their hours. This reduction in pay could last throughout the recovery process — or indefinitely depending on the severity of injuries.
  • Equipment and associated expenses. Individuals who are handicapped, either permanently or temporarily, by their injury may require special equipment or modifications to their home, business, or car. These expenses can be quite high depending on the injuries involved.
  • Wrongful death. A defective airbag can cause a fatality, in which case a wrongful death suit will attempt to make a family financially whole. This will include funeral expenses in addition to the individual’s projected future contribution to their families.
  • Property damage. Not only could all of the above personal injury issues apply, but a side airbag could also be responsible for an accident, additionally causing property damage.

Liability for Defective Airbags

A defective airbag will generally be caused by the manufacturer of the vehicle and thus they should be liable for accidents and injuries that occur related to them. Liability can also extend to those who knew about the defective airbags, however, such as a car dealership aware of the issue that nevertheless sold the vehicle. Determining liability needs to be handled delicately by a knowledgeable legal professional.

Defective airbags are one of many types of vehicle injury cases that personal injury attorneys often work on. A personal injury attorney is generally able to facilitate the process of both calculating the amount of an injury and ideally reaching a settlement with the liable parties. Contact a personal injury attorney today if you have been injured by a defective side airbag. Getting started early is absolutely essential to the process of ensuring your compensation.