Florida Nail Gun Injury Lawyers

In today’s market, all types of power tools are sold. They are used by companies and individuals who have home projects they want to complete. Whether purchasing an electrical saw or a nail gun, the expectation is that the product has been designed and constructed within certain safety guidelines. If these expectations are not fulfilled and a loved one or a coworker is injured, it is your right to contact an attorney for justice.

Product liability

Any company or individual that creates, manufactures and or distributes for sell a tangible product may be liable if it injures someone. A person that is injured has to prove he or she was harmed and that the product was defective and dangerous during proper usage. However, he or she does not have to prove how the manufacturer was careless concerning the development, design or sell of its product.

Defective products

For example, clothing can be defective because they are not fire resistant or because foreign objects are inadvertently sewn into their threads. People who have had contact with asbestos, a cancer causing material, have and still are being monetarily compensated. Lawyers and other legal entities worked hard in getting justice for those who were badly sickened by their exposure to this deadly material. Our attorneys will work just as hard for you too.

Defective products also include tools that have moving parts, such as a nail gun. During its use, for example, the gun fires two nails at once when it is only suppose to fire one. The second nail hits the first and bounces back into your face. The second nail firing could have happened because the gun automatically recoiled when it was not suppose too, making it defective. You can sue for money damages if injured. An experienced and trusted lawyer can file a lawsuit to help.

Sometimes, the pain, suffering and monetary loss incurred by the use of a nail gun is not life threatening. Maybe it misfired and injured your heel. This can cause permanent physical damage. Emotional and financial strains may develop because you cannot work for a while. Your ability to walk properly, along with pain, may be an issue now and in your future.

Nail gun injuries can cause years of mental and physical pain

When using a nail gun, expectations are that it will fire with a certain amount of force. You also expect one nail to travel into the piece of wood where it is pointed. Sometimes, two nails can fire back-to-back. When your nail gun does not work properly and it is not your fault, an injury most likely will occur.

A nail gun that inadvertently recoils and fires into someone’s head has happened before. It can kill, physically maim and mentally damage that person for life. This is exactly where the nail hit John Laken. His wife and he sued. They won their lawsuit.

In Laken vs. Senco Products Inc.his lawyer successfully argued that the company was negligent in its warning of the products’ liability and defectiveness. This lawsuit was extremely important. Mr. Laken needed the monetary award. He had to have surgery to remove part of his brain from the damage the nail had done. His mental and physical capabilities were permanently diminished.

Mrs. Laken and his life were forever changed in that one instance of firing a nail gun that they presumed was safe to use. Fortunately, their retribution was received because his attorney was hard working and knowledgeable about strict liability law. We will work hard at getting you these favorable results. Call today for a free evaluation. Our attorneys want to help you receive your justice 24 hours a day.