Florida Drill Accident Lawyers

Manufacturers of power drills have an innate obligation to their customers to ensure each power tool is free from defects and safe to operate. Despite this responsibility, consumers are injured and killed as a result of defective or unsafe power tools every year.

In many cases, those injured are entitled to compensation from the manufacturer due to negligence in the design, testing, or manufacturing of the power drill that led to injury or death. Many consumers look to reputable legal sources online to determine whether they may have a case following an accident or injury resulting from the use of a power drill or other power tool.

When the Manufacturer is Liable

In most states, you must prove four key elements in order to win your case in defective product lawsuits: 1) the product must have been defective, 2) you must have been injured, 3) the product must have directly caused your injury, and 4) you must have been using the product as intended and according to instructions. An attorney experienced in product liability cases can ensure these elements are addressed appropriately and thoroughly.

The Parties in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits are between two parties: the plaintiff, or the one filing the complaint, and the defendant, or the party defending themselves against a complaint. In a product liability lawsuit, the plaintiff must contact an attorney and file a civil lawsuit against the defendant in order to initiate the process. Once the defendant is notified of the lawsuit, they hire legal counsel, who helps them decide whether to defend themselves in court or settle out of court.

The Potential Outcome of Your Case

The most common outcome of product liability cases is informal settlement. When cases are settled, the defendant (in this case, the manufacturer of the power drill) pays the plaintiff (you) a mutually agreed-upon sum to discontinue legal action. Settlements are typically negotiated between the legal counsel of both sides to ensure all parties are satisfied with the agreement and both parties’ legal interests are protected. Although plaintiffs may receive very large settlements when cases are settled out of court, this is typically the most affordable outcome for corporations, as well, as it saves on the extensive legal costs incurred defending themselves in a lawsuit.

Statutes of Limitations in Products Liability Cases

Statutes of limitations apply in product liability cases just as they do in criminal cases. Because the statute of limitations (the amount of time you have after being injured by a product to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer) varies from state to state, its important to hire an attorney as soon as possible following your injury; he or she provides guidance on statute of limitations in your case.

Choosing an Experienced Attorney

When choosing an attorney to represent you in a personal injury case, it’s important to select an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases and has experience in cases like yours. It’s appropriate to request references from a prospective attorney to ensure that previous clients are satisfied with their representation. You can also research reviews online prior to making decision; reviews aren’t always accurate but they can provide insight and statistics regarding client satisfaction and outcome. Finally, it’s important that an attorney is honest with you about the potential outcome of your case. If you don’t have a case, an honest attorney will be straightforward and up-front with you about your lack of required elements.

If you believe you were injured due to negligence on the part of a manufacturer or other company, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our law firm today to file a lawsuit.