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Corded Window Coverings Identified Among Top Five Hidden Home Safety Hazards

In a ten-year study of fatal child strangulation among children five and under, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated a yearly minimum of eleven incidents directly linked to cords used to the operate of window-shading products (1). Prevention is of major concern. Safer blinds and shades provide the best solution. But sometimes failure occurs and legal action becomes the only other recourse.

For some families the solution comes too late to prevent a devastating family loss. Major providers are currently involved in product recalls and defective window shade lawsuits. Recalls involve custom-made vertical and horizontal blinds. Additional CPSC reports define mini-blinds and Venetian blinds in 86-percent of the incidents (2). And due to the efforts of the CPSC, these manufacturers are fully aware of the risk factors associated with looped and corded window shades.

It is a deadly threat to children and a preventable path to family misfortune. Yet the window shade industry continued to design and sell products with known safety defects. According to Elliot F. Kaye, chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission, “Corded window coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes (3).” Alerting parents and caregivers to the risks will help reduce infant deaths. Eliminating the problem will end the risks.

Filing a Window Shade Lawsuit In Wake of Irreversible Brain Injuries and Even Death

Perhaps your family has already suffered the consequences of faulty window covering cords. Now is the time to seek legal settlement. Filing a defective window shade lawsuit is not difficult in and off itself. But when battling with the mental and physical fatigue associated with personal loss and family suffering, even taking time to locate an attorney may seem an overwhelming additional complication.

You need help, someone to intervene on your behalf. Our law firm can help you get hold of justice, and obtain the compensation you deserve. Furthermore, we simplify the process, removing from you the burden of finding a reliable attorney. And best of all, the evaluation is free.

When a child endures irreversible brain injuries, when death invades family peace, monetary awards never fully compensate for the suffering. But it’s not just about recompense. Filing an injury settlement strikes multiple blows against the assailant:

  • Compensating victims heightens awareness of wrongs committed
  • Accountability helps prevent corporations from acting in total disregard to public safety
  • Accountability helps set a focus on the pain greedy businesses thrust upon American people
  • Loss of profitable ensures that careless behavior involves cost and effect
  • Filing a defective product lawsuit helps prevent other families from enduring the same soul-wrenching consequences.

Cordless Window Shade Products To Help You Avoid The Need To File a Window Shade Lawsuit Claim

In response to the many current legal settlements associated with faulty window shade products, manufacturers have finally began producing safer products. To protect your children, consider upgrading to cordless:

  • Blackout shades
  • Drapes and sheers
  • Faux wood blinds
  • Mini-blinds
  • Motorized shades
  • Pleated shades
  • and other options.

Encourage other caregivers and parents to practice the following fundamental window covering safety procedures:

  • Replace existing window coverings with cordless protection
  • Rearrange beds, cribs and other furniture in a manner that prevents children from having access to windows
  • Install window guards that prevent height adjustments above four inches.

When A Defective Window Shade Lawsuit Becomes Unavoidable

When all is said and finished, perhaps you are among the many who suffered the consequences of defective window coverings. Perhaps a lawyer and a lawsuit are already unavoidable. Now, you need settlement. You need closure – as much as closure is available under such painful legal circumstances.

We can help you get some measure of peace on this matter. Our legal firm offers 24/7 attorney access. Get the legal compensation you deserve.

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