Florida Defective Helmet Attorneys

Whether you are riding on a motorcycle or bicycle, or are participating in a sport where a helmet is recommended for safety, you count on that helmet to protect you in case of an accident. While wearing a helmet is not a guarantee against injury, when the helmet is not made correctly it gives the wearer a false sense of security.

This can turn into an unnecessary injury that needs to be taken care of, often with the help of a lawyer that can get the injured party a settlement that will help pay for the various expenses the injury has caused. When a defective helmet has played a role, a defective helmet lawsuit is often necessary.

Keeping Defective Helmets Off the Market

In order for a helmet to be sold, it should pass certain safety standards and be tested to make sure it is capable of providing the level of protection promised. If at any point, either during the manufacturing process, when it is distributed in the store, or after it has come into the hands of consumers, any defective product should be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and a recall should be issued to get the product off the shelves.

Manufacturers and stores should do whatever they can to make sure those who already own these products are notified and have an opportunity to return the product for a refund. This is especially important when it comes to safety gear such as helmets that are intended to not only prevent injury, but to save lives.

Even consumers can, and should, report defective helmets to the CPSC, even if the defect is discovered without actually being injured. When they are injured, however, talking to an attorney can be key to helping them get the compensation they need to cover the various expenses from their injury including medical bills, time missed from work, extra personal cares cost, pain and suffering and more. Filing these lawsuits not only helps the person injured, but also makes a statement to manufacturers and retailers who have let defective products get into the marketplace and have failed to be proactive in getting these products out of the hands of consumers.

Is My Injury Serious Enough For a Defective Helmet Lawsuit?

When a person is injured in an accident or by a defective product, many automatically downplay their injury. Few people like to admit that they are hurt or are inflicted with limitations because of injury. There more they try to get back to their lives, however, the more they discover how difficult normal tasks have become. Even the emotion felt immediately after an injury occurs can mask the real damage done. Because of this, an injury that seems like no big deal at first can actually turn out to be something that can cause a person to struggle for a long period of time.

After being injured, a person should be medically evaluated by a professional. Talking to a personal injury attorney is one of the next things to be done. A good attorney will listen to the story of how the injury was obtained and help make a determination as to who is responsible. At our Firm, an initial case evaluation is free, so there is nothing to lose by being overly cautious about an injury. A lawyer can also help make sure the helmet gets recalled, if it hasn’t already made the recall list.

Defective helmets should not be in the hands of the public, and it should not take serious injuries to let consumers know they have put their lives in danger when they believed they were taking proper precautions. With our case evaluation form, you can easily reach out to our firm 24/7 to see if you are eligible to receive compensation.