Florida Chainsaw Accident Lawyers

Chainsaws are a useful tool for many tasks, but they are also one of the most dangerous tools on the market. With more than three millions chainsaws sold every year in the U.S., these tools are commonly used despite the many dangers. More than 28,000 chainsaw injuries occur each year, and these can result in serious lacerations and even death.

Why Are There Defective Chainsaw Lawsuits?

When a chainsaw isn’t working properly and causes injuries, defective chainsaw lawsuits can get the manufacturer to compensate you for the injuries and the difficult time you face. Some chainsaw accidents are caused by user error, but some are caused by defects in the chainsaw itself. If you were working safely with the chainsaw and were injured, it may be a defect in the workmanship, and a lawsuit may be necessary for your medical bills, lost work time and for your pain and suffering due to your injury.

Injuries and Defective Chainsaw Lawsuits

There are many types of injuries that can result from a defective chainsaw. While cuts and amputations are what you may think of when a chainsaw malfunctions, there are other injuries that can occur. Cuts from chainsaws can be serious, and hands and fingers have been amputated by defective chainsaws. Neck and facial injuries also occur and can be fatal. There are also serious head wounds and a risk of blindness when a chainsaw malfunctions. When a chainsaw has too much kickback during use, this can cause neck, back and shoulder injuries that can be debilitating.

The Defects Behind Defective Chainsaw Lawsuits

Chainsaws are complicated machines that have a lot of working parts. Some of the most common defects in these machines that can cause injuries are piston and crankshaft defects and a fuel system defect. Any of these issues within a chainsaw can cause it to malfunction and cause an injury even when the chainsaw was being operated correctly and in a safe manner. Most defective product cases arise when the item was made differently from what the manufacturer designed and intended due to a manufacturing error. However, another issue that can cause injuries is design flaws that can result in an injury during safe use of the chainsaw. A poor design can also lead to injuries and render a chainsaw defective, even if it is made exactly as the manufacturer intended.

Defective Chainsaw Lawsuits and the Failure to Warn

Another issue with chainsaw manufacturers is the failure of the manufacturer to warn the user about any known dangers of the product. If there is a known risk to using it and the manufacturer doesn’t disclose that risk, you may need an attorney to hold the manufacturer liable. If there is a danger to using the chainsaw that is not obvious, courts can rule against the manufacturer. If a chainsaw has any design issues that cause dangers you weren’t aware of, seek out a lawyer to fight for your legal rights after your injury.

Chainsaws and Recalls

When a flaw in a chainsaw is discovered by the manufacturer, or when many injuries have been caused by a model, there will be a recall of that model. To see whether your chainsaw has been recalled, do a search for it’s model name on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. If your chainsaw is already being recalled, it will be easier for you to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer for a flaw that is already known and acknowledged by them.

Anytime you have used a chainsaw correctly and still suffered an injury because of this machine, seek out an attorney to find out your options. And, choose an attorney who is well versed in chainsaw accident lawsuits. Call our law firm toll free today to discuss your injury, or fill out our free case evaluation form and we’ll get back to you about your concerns.