Florida Spinal Cord Injuries Attorneys

We realize that spinal cord injuries cause pain and suffering and oftentimes at no fault of the individual. Additionally, the effects of the injury become costly in terms of medical expenses and lost wages. That’s why we encourage individuals to stand up for their rights and get the compensation they deserve.

The emotional and psychological symptoms of a spinal cord injury might not be visible, but they’re still significant. Additionally, one’s self-esteem may be affected, which can lead to issues like isolation and depression. With the impacts of a spinal cord injury causing such a traumatic toll on many aspects of a person’s health, a person can feel overwhelmed and lost. It doesn’t help if the hurt individual doesn’t have a strong family or friend support system to help with tasks the individual is no longer capable of. Attorneys might not be able to correct the issue or alleviate what the injury attributed to, but we can fight for compensation to ease some of the suffering.

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury refers to an injury that occurs to vertebrae of the spine. It either fractures or dislocates vertebrae and tears into the spinal cord tissue. In a majority of cases, the injury doesn’t go through the spine completely. It usually causes compression or fractures to the vertebrae. This leads to damage to the nerve cells that send signals between the brain and the rest of the body. Sometimes, only a few of the axons, or nerve cells, are damaged while other times, almost all of them are damaged. A near complete recovery is possible in some cases, but some individuals experience total paralysis.

How is it Treated?

A spinal injury really can’t be treated. Once it happens, the damage will either heal on its own to a certain extent or become permanent. Rehabilitation is possible for a person to regain some function. Approximately 33 percent of those living with an injury to the neck area will require some type of respiratory support. During the first eight hours after the injury, it’s possible to reduce the negative effects on the nerve cells through a steroid drug known as methylprednisolone.

It’s vital for a person who had a spinal cord injury to receive treatment as soon as possible. That’s why emergency medical personnel oftentimes begin treatment at the scene of the accident. Emergency medical personnel will immobilize the spine quickly and with the least amount of pressure possible. Surgery may be necessary to remove discs, fractured bones or foreign objects.

Therapy helps to regain as much function as possible, especially when it comes to a person’s bladder, breathing and coughing. Therapy includes electrical stimulation of the nerve to restore some function, but this is only successful on some types of injuries and not serious conditions.

What Is the Prognosis?

The injury is either complete or incomplete. An incomplete injury is better to have since it means there’s still some connection between the spinal cord and the brain in regards to sending messages. Those with incomplete injuries will have some sensory or motor function below the area of the injury. It’s possible to have chronic pain in both incomplete and complete cases. Those who survive may have bladder or bowel dysfunction or even respiratory or heart problems.

When Should You Contact Legal Representative?

Causes vary, but in most cases, it’s due to a sudden blow to the spinal cord. This may result from a fall or car accident. If the fall was caused by an area not being well-maintained by a business or home such as a wet floor without a sign, an unshoveled sidewalk, a slippery entranceway, cracked or damaged pavement or other similar conditions, then it’s more than likely the fault of the building’s owner. A car accident caused by another driver is a reason. If a medical staff member acts negligently, they can worsen the damage done to the spinal cord, which could put them at fault.

What Can a Law Firm Do for You?

Our law firm has the ability to seek financial compensation for your pain, suffering, medical expenses and lost wages. They’re able to determine if the incident was the fault of the other party and how to proceed with a lawsuit. Contact our law firm today to discuss your particular case and see if we can assistance.