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Nursing negligence is not a subject to be taken lightly. There are lives at stake that are in the hands of incompetent, so-called professionals everyday. It’s rather scary when you look at the statistics. In America alone, almost a half a million people die each year from medical mistakes due to nursing negligence, medical mishaps, or doctor error. This study was done by the Journal of Patient Safety by Wolters Kluwer Health Institute. Registered nurses, LPN’s, support staff, and assistants are all a vital part of the entire medical team at any hospital.

You want the very best care for you and your family, but sometimes sadly it doesn’t always work out that way when dealing with auxiliary staff. There are many people who suffer horrible injuries at the hands of the very people who are supposed to be helping them. Nurses for the most part, do everything they can to provide the best care possible, but there are instances where that doesn’t happen to the best of their ability.

Examples Of Nursing Gone Wrong

Some of the cases that have dealt with nursing negligence are for people undergoing cancer treatments, have had invasive surgeries, dialysis, and birth injuries. There are so many instances where a nurse has given the wrong medication, or misused some equipment on a patient that has led to adverse side effects, coma, or even death. It’s a discussion that anyone going into the hospital for any type of procedure needs to be aware of to stay safe.

Nursing negligence also happens many times in assisted living facility, or traditional nursing homes. Patients deserve a certain standard of care. Sometimes they aren’t being treated correctly by a RN, and no one is aware of the problem until it’s too late to do something about it.

The way that negligence is determined is through a nurses “duty of care” being compromised, or there was a specific breach of duty that led to damaged patient care.

With the right system of checks and balances in place in a hospital setting, these injuries shouldn’t happen, but people make mistakes. Even medical professionals. Picture a nurse who has been overworked, on duty for hours on end, without a break making a simple mistake that might cost someone their life. It happens more often than it needs to. The hospital has procedures in place that prevent these occurrences, but the faulty system isn’t perfect in any way. You do have rights that need to be considered carefully.

Has Someone Close To You Been Injured By a Nurse?

So if you or someone close to you has been injured in this way due to medical malpractice from nursing negligence, you can take action. You deserve to get a settlement that can take care of your needs from the event that has happened to you. An attorney can go over all the facts of your situation to determine whether or not you have a solid case to pursue. No one wants to waste anytime with matters that are time sensitive like these. Your lawyer is going to fight for your right to a fair judgment in this situation which has changed your life, or ended that of someone you care about greatly.

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