Florida Hail Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys

If you own a home, chances are you have homeowner’s insurance that should cover things like fire, hail, and wind damage. But if your home has been damaged due to hail, and even though your homeowner’s insurance policy claims to handle hail damage, you haven’t been able to get compensation from your insurance company, it’s important to seek legal counsel to determine what your options are. Even if you’ve been offered compensation, some insurance companies have offered payments under what it actually takes to fix damage to roofs, siding, and windows caused by hail.

What Should I do if my Home Suffers Damage from Hail?

If your home suffers damage from a hail storm, chances are you need to file a hail storm damage claim as soon as it happens. Don’t wait for a contractor to look at your home months or even years from the event and expect the insurance to pay without a fight. Inspect your home for any noticeable signs of damage — cracked shingles, broken glass, and obvious damage.

Take photos of the damage and document anything that you see. You will also need to get a professional contractor to evaluate the damage to your home. If there has been a lot of home damage in your area due to hail, it may take a while for the contractor to come by for an estimate. This is not a reason to put off filing the claim with an insurance company. Just document the damage the best you can and wait for the professional contractor to look at your house before you accept any settlement.

Never Rely on Your Insurance Adjustor’s Opinion or Estimate

Insurance companies are in the business of keeping as much money as possible — otherwise, they wouldn’t be staying in business. Although it’s tempting to take a check or agree to money, it’s important to realize that the insurance adjustor is not working for you, but working for the insurance, no matter what he or she says. This is why it is so important to get your own independent contractor to evaluate the damage and the cost it will take to fix your home.

In this case, it might be wise to consult an attorney who has experience in hail damage insurance. He or she may be able to direct you to independent contractors, or advise you on what might be a fair settlement to fix your home’s damage.

Continue to Document As You Make Temporary Repairs

If you need to make temporary repairs on your home in order for you to live in it, or to prevent further damage, be sure to write down what you have done, and also take photographs of it. That includes things such as removing tree branches, boarding up broken windows, or putting tarps on the roof you have to have a contractor make repairs immediately, be sure to document and take photos before and after the repairs are made. You should be able to get reimbursement if you can prove the damage before and after the repairs are made.

What If the Insurance Doesn’t Want to Pay, or Doesn’t Want to Pay to Fix All the Damage?

Sadly, many insurance companies would rather underpay their claims than fix the problem. In their own Claims Journal, insurances point to “sinister forces” as to why there have been more lawsuits against insurance companies concerning hail damage than in the past. These insurance companies would rather blame independent contractors, professional appraisers, and claims consultants for their clients’ lawsuits rather than take a hard look at how much it costs to actually repair roofs, windows, siding, and other parts of your home damaged by hail.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

If your home has been damaged by hail, you deserve to have your home repaired after you paid so much money and insurance to cover this type of eventuality. Don’t get bullied into accepting a low ball offer that won’t cover what it costs to repair your home. Call us today for a free consultation or fill out our free case evaluation form. Your home is often your biggest investment, which is why you need to have it repaired should become damaged by hail.