Florida Explosion Accidents Attorneys

While explosions may not receive the same kind of attention more common accidents such as auto collisions and workplace injuries, the injuries caused by explosions are devastating.

Explosions frequently cause a loss of life and limbs, and even when an accident victim survives, they may be permanently disfigured. All too often, human error causes these horrific accidents, meaning the tragedy should never have happened.

Some of the most common explosion accidents include:

  • Propane Gas Explosions
  • Chemical Explosions
  • Construction Site Explosions
  • Steam and Manhole Explosions
  • Home Explosions
  • And More

Gas Explosions

Gas explosion accidents cause some of the most horrific accidents in modern times. One of the more infamous gas explosions nationwide was the San Bruno pipeline explosion. The powerful blast claimed the life of eight Californians, and Pacific Gas and Electric was fined to the tune of $1.4 billion as a result.

Even in instances where a gas explosion does not claim the victim’s life, burn injuries are often severe. Burn injuries may leave permanent and disfiguring scars, depending on the degree of the burn. Third-degree burns destroy the deepest layers of human tissue and skin cells, and such injuries typically require lifelong treatment.
Gas explosion accidents result from a number of factors, including the following:

  • Operator Negligence
  • Product Defects
  • Aging Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Punctured Gas Lines
  • And More

No matter whether your gas explosion injury occurred in the home or near a pipeline, you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. A thorough investigation is the only way to determine who was at fault for the accident so that they are held accountable.

Contact an attorney as soon as possible so evidence is preserved while a thorough investigation begins.

Home Explosions

Home explosions are, sadly, one of the common places an explosion accident occurs. Punctured gas lines near the home, defective products inside the home and/or arson can and do cause home explosion accidents.

Home explosion accidents can even occur due to negligent homeownership, and the resulting blast may injure or kill neighbors and innocent bystanders. For any home explosion, the scene must be investigated in detail to fully determine who the party or parties at fault might be.

Home explosion accident victims may be entitled to compensation for property damage in addition to injuries sustained from the explosion as well.

Construction Site Explosions

Workplace safety on construction sites should take priority for both the safety of workers and fellow citizens. Unfortunately, human error leads leads to too many construction site explosions.
Some of the common causes of construction site explosions include:

  • Heavy Equipment Wrecking Pipelines
  • Vehicle Crashes
  • Cutting and Drilling Accidents
  • Chemical Tank Explosions
  • Electrical Explosions and Faulty Circuitry

Liability depends on a thorough investigation, but construction companies may be liable for unsafe procedures or shoddy working conditions. Alternatively, manufacturers or the city itself may even be liable.

The latter is particularly true when it pertains to manhole explosions and steam explosions within city limits. These explosions cause devastating damage to large cities and their construction workers, as seen in a recent California manhole explosion.

Accident victims in explosion accidents such as these deserve answers as to who and what caused their injuries. Only a full investigation with the help of an experienced explosion accident will help accident victims receive justice.

Who Is Liable for Explosion Accidents and Injuries?

In any explosion accident, the list of potentially liable parties is numerous. In a gas explosion, for example, the following or a combination of the following could all be liable:

  • Gas Supplier
  • Gas Tank Manufacturer
  • Contractors or Subcontractors
  • Delivery Companies
  • Companies Who Installed or Repaired the System
  • And More

Product defects in the home may trace liability back to the product manufacturer, and construction site explosions may lead to liability for the construction company or even the city itself.

No matter what kind of explosion accident caused your injury, you need an explosion accident attorney who unearths the facts with an independent investigation while retaining the experts who will determine the accident’s cause.

Our explosion accident attorneys fight for your right to receive deserved compensation, and we believe liable parties must be held accountable for their actions. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an explosion accident, call our law firm today or contact us online to receive a legal consultation.