Florida Business Insurance Claims Attorneys

Having business insurance is commonplace for businesses to protect themselves against liability, but there are instances where you are injured in some way from a business, whether it is substandard service, a physical injury that occurred on the premises, or something else. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, or you have an injury, protecting your rights and getting what you deserve is a process. Knowing how to navigate that process is key.

What is a “Business Insurance” Lawsuit?

A business insurance lawsuit is basically a lawsuit filed against a business for negligence or other reasons. The reasons why can range from workplace harassment to safety protocols. These types of lawsuits may be handled in a formal courtroom setting, or with an informal settlement that is usually accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement.

It is important to know that businesses have an entirely different set of criteria than others. Business insurance is designed to risk exposure and provide protection with an umbrella or specialized liability policy. Litigation can be very expensive, and during lawsuit proceedings, expenses can get very high. There are a number of things you can do to protect your best interests:

  • Do your research
    Doing your research to determine whether or not you are dealing with a reputable company is very important. There are many types of reviews and comments you can find online or in forums that will provide insight on the company you are attempting to do business with.
  • Have a contract
    A contract in place will give you leverage, clearly spelling out what the business is supposed to do. If they do not adhere to the contract or do not perform the services to your liking, this is grounds for a lawsuit to compensate you for your trouble.
  • File a formal complaint
    It is always a good thing to file a formal complaint with the business to make sure you give them the opportunity to correct any mistakes before moving forward with a lawsuit. A lawsuit indicates you have exhausted all possibilities and the business is either unresponsive or uncooperative.

What types of business insurance may cover your claim?

There are a number of policies available for businesses. Some of the most common include:

  • Liability
    General liability insurance protects the company against slip-and-falls, and other occurrences that may happen on the premises. Most businesses also carry E&O (errors & omissions) insurance, which protects the company against claims that they performed substandard service, or did not perform the work agreed upon.
  • Property
    Property insurance will protect the company against any injuries that may occur dealing with the property, as well as standard fire, theft, and other situations.

What can you do?

It is important to have all your facts straight before considering litigation. This is a very costly procedure that could either work for or against you. Taking the time to make sure you have everything in order when going to an attorney can help them give you guidance and determine the right course of action. While you may have concrete evidence, you want to make sure you file the right paperwork, and are represented with the best legal team to work on your behalf.

Are there any laws dealing with Business Insurance cases?

Every jurisdiction has their own set of rules, or statutes that must be followed when dealing with cases of this nature. Businesses also have code compliance regulations they must follow, and can further help your case if they have been proven to be negligent. Statute of limitations in each state varies, so working with an attorney will give you the information needed to determine whether or not your case has traction.

Do I have a viable case?

Any potential case requires a thorough review from a licensed attorney. Our firm can provide a free legal review to provide insight and help sort through the facts. Based on your complaint, you may be eligible for compensation, but an attorney is better equipped to give you a full assessment and next steps to take in moving forward. Not sure if you have a case, or wondering if the business is too powerful to take on? A free evaluation is key. Contact our firm to get started today!